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Currently Seeking Supply Chain Manager, Software Engineer and Materials Handler

Happy Friday! Is today dragging for you? Do you wish the week flew by? Do you wonder if there are better opportunities out there that match your skill set? Talk to c1search about our current job openings! Be sure...

Seeking SAP - FI/CO Experts with 3-5 years Experience

c1search is looking nationwide for top talented SAP – FI/CO experts! If you have more than 3-5 years of SAP – FI/CO experience and are interested in relocating to the Rochester, NY area, then please apply today! We need...

A Labor Day Gift to Our Candidates - Lots of Job Opportunities

It’s only fitting that in honor of Labor Day, we share with you our latest job openings! We are currently seeking high level IT candidates that are looking to make a career change. We place direct hire, contract to...

Finding Skilled Talent Ranks as Top HR Challenge

Did you know 60% of small business owners and managers say their biggest human resources challenge is finding skilled talent? Heavy competition for workers with specialized skills doubles the difficulty budget crunches impose on recruiters. Some companies with deep...

5 Certifications that Can Land You a Job

We often meet job seekers that are considering completing a technical certification but are wondering if it’s worth their time and money. As a team of people that discuss job criteria with hiring organizations every day, we can tell...