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Join the c1search Team! Currently seeking an Account Manager

Join our growing team! c1search is looking for our next successful Account Manager. This is not only an opportunity to join a growing established company in Rochester but also a unique chance to combine B2B services with the highly...

US Hiring Surges - Who's Helping You Stay Ahead of the Pack?

A report released today from the US Department of Labor revealed that 288,000 jobs were added just last month, driving the unemployment rate to down to 6.1% – the lowest we’ve seen since the fall of 2008! Almost 2.5...

Retain Top Talent - Make Them Feel Safe

At c1search, it’s our job to connect the right talent with the right company – but then what? It’s up to both parties to build a strong working relationship. Simon Sinek, management expert, says the best leaders make their...

A New Approach in Hiring Top Tech Talent

  Last week Fred O’Connor published a great article in CIO Magazine on hiring IT talent for your company. The article, “A New Approach in Luring Top Tech Talent: a Streamlined Hiring Process,” walks you through the critical factors...

The Traditional Interview Process is Broken - Engaging a Recruiter Can Help Fix It

Recently, Lindsay Olson posted an article on US News and Report, “The Traditional Interview Process is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.” Essentially, the summation of what she’s saying in her post is that hiring companies should not rely...